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Sorry for my lack of picture/blog updates recently.  I have been spending all my free time editing project ‘FAVORITES’.  Within the next week or two, it will be complete and sent to the publisher!  Until I can get back to my animal picture editing (I have a lot to share), I wanted to post about someone fabulous.  For those of you who haven’t seen the works of Nick Brandt, do yourself a favor & google him, “like” him on Facebook, or better yet- BUY HIS BOOK “On This Earth”.  Amazing.  He has been a huge source of my inspiration as I’ve develop my animal photography art & I never tire of loosing myself in his images.

I’ll continue to post his images as the animals he depicts are threatened & deserving of our attention…  as are most of the animal I photograph.  I strive to create works of art that are :: TIMELESS.  Soulful. Simple.  Thank you Nick Brandt for inspiring me to learn more & continue improving.

project FAVORITES :: Mathew

The 11th and final addition to project FAVORITES has arrived.  Meet Mathew :: he is amazing and a few months shy of completing a 3 year treatment!  Not only is this 11 year old articulate, thoughtful and able to cook up an appetizing pepperoni pasta dish (with fresh herbs and delicious cheese!); he is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s BOY OF THE YEAR!  I’m still dazzled by his kindness and positive attitude. All the kids are remarkable.  Thank you to all of the families who have let Melissa & I into your homes, sharing your stories, and helping us raise money to fight blood cancers.  I will let everyone know when the books are able to be purchased- April/May timeframe. Smile and give your kids a hug.


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