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Every year, millions of dogs are euthanized due to pet over population and lack of space in shelters.

Because of this, dogisART! photography believes in adopting animals and giving them a second chance!


I’m a consultant by day ( but have being doing animal photography for years.  My work consists mostly of volunteer services for animal rescues and I typically choose one to partner with per year at any location globally.  I absolutely love animals, love photography and always give back where/when I can.  Typically I spend 1-2 days on site capturing the animals, staff and facilities.

More difficult to adopt/sponsor/foster animals usually see placement within 1-2 weeks after having portraits taken!  Other organizations have used some of the portraits to make calendars or auction off (I can get fine art prints, canvases, etc from professional labs at nearly cost for the organization.  Rescues keep any money made on the fundraising with my images).  I only ask that partnering rescues call out dogisART! so I can continue giving back and making the public aware of various organizations around the globe.

Please contact us at if you have questions or would like to be considered. 

2014 Rescue is Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue!

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