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project ‘FAVORITES’ :: Luke & Molly

Luke & Molly are sibling and our newest FAVORITES kids!  Unfortunately, both have MDS, a form of Leukemia that is incurable.  Luke was the first sibling to be diagnosed- at a mere 9 months old.  A couple of years after Luke began ‘recovering’ (stabilizing :: as full recovery doesn’t exist) it was time to start thinking about additional members to the family!  Immediately consulting with doctors, this family was assured that it was a 1 in 1 million chance that a second child would also have MDS.  They were the 1  in the million, Molly was diagnosed at 2 years old. Despite this, these two are full of spunk & doing very well!  Their bodies are keeping MDS in check (with the help of medicine) and starting the journey in their very long & happy lives!  Did I mention they gave us top secret tips on COOKIE SALAD!  Delicious.  As Always, check out project ‘FAVORITES’ details in the info tab above… cookbooks will be for sale in the next few months to help raise funds for a cure!


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