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dogisART’s 1st Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this year?  Me :: first a foremost, my smiling baby girl!  Second, having the courage to actively pursue my dream of pet photography… which is scary!

I’ve had a camera in my hand ever since I was a kid and growing up in small-town Wisconsin gave me ample experience shooting animals.  I have a very solid knowledge base.  Looking back, I would say that this is my destined profession.  Looking forward, however, my knee’s start to rattle.  It is scary to “publicly” debut dogisART! this year in Minnesota (my business has been around for a number of years through word-of-mouth referral only) because I have SO MUCH TO LEARN and so many mistakes to overcome still. I look up to so many great pet photographers out there and sometimes become overwhelmed by their skill.

It’s even more scary that a **dream** might cease to exist, if I fail.

That being said, I remind myself that my unique way of telling your pets story is what separates me from other photographers.  The infinite level of technical skill will be learned along the way.  I’m here :: learning, helping, and trying to make my dreams happen. If I fail, it will be doing something I love…  I hope you all enjoy viewing my pet stories (through a visual medium) and being apart of my development.

Phase 1 of development :: I need more time shooting cats.  I have some great cat photographs (I need to update my galleries to display them….once I figure out how! I need that kid who helped my build this site to show me how to work it.  **frustrating**).  Sorry for rambling.  Cats.  Yes, I need cat models!  So please email me if you want a FREE cat session.  There is room for improvement with my feline photos.

Phase 2 :: learn all of this tech stuff (web-site building, web optimization, yadda yadda…so I don’t have to depend on others to do it correctly).  It’s already giving me a headache 😉

Happy Turkey Day everyone & thank you for stopping by!

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