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Meet Finn and Strongbow

It’s never easy to say goodbye to our furry friends. And I certainly miss my boy Gunner, however, I’d like to introduce you to the newest members of our pack! Finn (Fionn Mac Cumhaill) and Strongbow. Irish Wolfhound pups. Currently 11 weeks old and totally squeezable.

Friends of Animals :: Utah

These cuddly fur-kids are also looking for their forever homes!

Calhoun: an 18 month old hound mix who LOVES to play and wrestle.  He is a hound dog through and through, he is all about his nose and investigating as much as possible.  This boy needs some work on his manners, but is such a sweet and loving boy that he instantly wins you over.

Ozark is our striking 2 year old Mountain Cur (Old Yeller was a Mountain Cur in the book but was later changed for the film).  Ozark knows sit, down, shake, and has pretty good leash manners.  He has some of the prettiest eyes a dog can have, very expressive, very deep.  Ozark needs to be in a home where he gets lots of interaction and activity to keep his mind sharp, and he will reward you by being loyal, loving, and making you laugh every day.

Jax is our quirky 18 month old shepherd mix (and maybe a touch of chow?) who is just wild about people.  Jax loves everyone he’s ever met and wants nothing more than for you to be his playmate.  He gets along with female dogs better than males, but enjoys dogs that like to play but not too rough.  Jax is a loveable boy who is just so silly and out-there.  He is a very well meaning dog and would make a great family dog.

Saphrona, sweet and sensitive Saphrona is a heeler/schnauzer or griffon mix who thinks life is better when she’s right next to you.  Saphrona is about a year old and still has the puppy silliness that will melt your heart.  She is a sensitive girl who can get a little spooked and her first reaction is to drop to the ground and show you her belly.  Saphrona loves other dogs and with a canine companion her confidence really increases.

Friends of Animals :: Utah

I’m only now starting to introduce dogisART! to Park City.  In my initial research of the dog industry and available local rescue’s, I came across Friends of Animals and was completely impressed.  Impressed by the magnitude of the organization, the beautiful facility (and cleanliness I might add), amazing care provided for each animal, their contribution to the local communities and the great staff.  ‘The Ranch’ is a 16,00o square foot facility that houses the animals, their sanctuary if you will, to rehabilitate animals and also where they reside if they are not located at Furburbia (adoption ‘store front’).  I’m happy to donate my services to this great organization!  The pup’s below are awaiting their forever home.

Lily:  3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier.  Super sweet and wiggly!  She has a specific bark for when the van pulls up/opens up– she LOVES to go for rides.  Also, when in her kennel she likes to snuggle “face first” but burrowing her face into your lap and then laying down.

Olivia:  7 month old hound/Vizsla mix who can run for days.  She is spunky, outgoing, and willful but enjoys being carried like a baby.  She loves sticks, not so much for fetching, but for shredding they are her number one choice!  Olivia loves to play with other dogs and enjoys rough housing with the bigger dogs, she gives our other hound Calhoun (he himself, rambunctious) a run for his money out in the yard.

Pepper:  2 1/2 year old German Shepherd and quite possibly the best dog on the planet.  Pepper is the ultimate mama-bear: she gets along with everyone and enjoys playing but is quick to keep everyone in line.  Pepper greets you with a specific bark when she realizes it is you in the kennel and then jumps to give kisses on your face.  Pepper struggles with perianal fistulas, essentially dog crohnes disease, and will need a family that can enjoy her fabulous-ness while affording her monthly medications.


Getting Settled in Park City

Sorry for the gap in posts!  It’s been a busy few months getting settled in our new home.  We absolutely LOVE Park City, Utah and all that the area has to offer.  Last week I got the opportunity to drive cattle at the Blue Sky Ranch… it was amazing (and I sure do miss having horses).  Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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